Where I write and remember some awesome memories. I am the type of person who also likes to try new things and make new things.

California Move, Our First Month

Each day has been a great experience adventuring. I would say this has been one of many big accomplishments I have ever had. After a couple months, I still can't believe this is my new home. Read through and don't forget to watch a little video at the end!...

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Moving to the West Coast

This is probably the the biggest decision I have ever done so far. Yes, it's true! We are moving away from Minne-snow-tah and headed to...

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Exploring New Orleans

For New Years, Blake and I decided to go to New Orleans. A state and city we both never gone before. Read more what I discovered and what animal I got to hold...

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Kansas Roadtrip

For thanksgiving I went to Kansas City with Blake. It’s always so much fun when I get to hang out with his family.

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