California Move, Our First Month

My first month in San Diego, California. (Posting a tad bit late)

Well, it has been a couple months since I left my good old Minnesota. Each day has been a great experience adventuring. I would say this has been one of many big accomplishments I have ever had. After a couple months, I still can't believe this is my new home. Read through and don't forget to watch a little video at the end!

Where do I even start? The drive to San Diego, CA was – beautiful and horrific. It started out great until I hit the mountains in Arizona. It was so beautiful BUT my god I thought my U-haul was going to explode. Who knew speed limits in the mountains was 70mph. I honestly wish I would have enjoyed the view more but driving 15-50mph going up the mountains and down and uppp and down with an awful noise was sooo stressful. It was probably a 5-hour drive just in the mountains aka 5-hours of being stressed. We wanted to hit San Diego after stopping one night at Albuquerque, New Mexico. We estimated about 12 hours…well, with the mountains it was 17 hour drive.

When we finally got to San Diego it was late at night but in the morning it was absolutely beautiful. It was how I always remembered it. It was actually a hotter day that day which was in the 80s. Usually San Diego stays around the high 60s mid 70s. Seeing our apartment for the first time the experience was even better than we thought: the location, the space, and the people. I was so nervous we were going to hate it since we have never seen it. Well, we are in the center of everything. Only 10-12 minute drive to the beach, only 3 minute drive to the mall, and any store I GPS is only 10 minutes away.

What was the first thing we did as a local Californian?
Went to In-and-Out and then hit the beach. BEST THING EVER! Now it has been a month and Blake and I go to the beach Once or Twice a week. We literally just walk around and watch the sunset or check out the waves. Right now it's a little cold to swim (in my opinion) but its so relaxing. We promised our selves we have to go to the beach every week since that is what we both love about San Diego. We have gone after work and just relaxed. It literally feels like going on vacation after a long day!

What are some things I have learned since the move?
- Gas prices in San Diego can jump $1.50 from a block away. Back home in Minnesota, usually I'll expect the same prices. Maybe a difference of a penny in gas prices. But not here! That is why I use my GasBuddy App. Also, pay in cash since it saves you 5 cents a gallon. If you use a credit card they either make you pay for a processing fee or your gas is more expensive.

- Why is liquor here so expensive? Makes me miss Total Wine (-_-) My favorite drink is $4.00 more than what it is back home.

- Rainy days Californians freak out. It was always a joke I thought but I legit saw it in my own eyes. I was working for an agency here and everyone in the office was acting like it was snow. I was so confused. The rain out here has been only a mist, I have only seen a couple days of light rain. But nothing like Minnesota where you can't even see where you are driving.

- DMVs are not a great place to be at. It took me 3 hours to get my California Driver's License. I don't know how anyone can do it if you have a full time job.

- I need to stop saying Pop. I don't think I can change my vocabulary though.

- I am allergic to the sun in San Diego. Well, this has happened to be before while visiting and I thought I got an allergic reaction to the sand and a different type of sun block I used. But, this year while laying out on the beach my chest started to itch. I have done my research and yup…I shouldn't be out in the sun without sun block for too long. Won't stop me from going outside though.

- In San Diego, the "Lightrail" is called a Trolley. It doesn't look like a Trolley. It looks like a Lightrail! Google it. lol

I am sure I have learned more things but I can't think of them right now. Overall, the first month has been great. I have been decorating like crazy. Blake is so sick of going to Ikea, or Target in the Home Decoration section. I am giving up on Starbucks coffee for some vases and I am so happy how it's turning out. I'll take photos of the apartment once I am more satisfied with it. Till next time…!

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