Moving to the west coast

Well, DUN DUN DUN…yes Blake and I are moving to San Diego, California. At first, it was a dream, a thought, kind of a plan that I didn't know when it would ever happen, but… it's happening. It's happening Feb 12th, 2016 - TOMORROW!

I didn't know the exact day Blake and I decided that "Yes we are moving!" but it started out with knowing my contract at 3M was ending in February. I started slowly applying for jobs in San Diego but I had no luck. I started in November but a lot of people don't take you seriously when you are trying to live in a great city.

Once February was getting closer…we knew it was time to find apartments if we were serious about it. It took about 3 weeks until we finally got a call that we got approved. I can't express how much this meant since we finally have an actual date to pack our stuff from Minnesota and go to California! I must say job searching is much easier when you have a move in date to whatever city/state you want to move at. I have never moved out of my parent's place except the time I lived in New York City for a summer internship. I feel like this is a big step for me. Not only am I moving out but… I am moving out of Minnesota!!! I am moving to a state I always dreamed of living!


Q: Do you have jobs out there?
A: Nope, both Blake and I do not have jobs. We saved a ton from side jobs and extra projects I picked up when knowing California will be 3X more expensive. It's such a gutsy move (we know) but knowing we are the type of people who will always find some type of income, even if it's going back to retail or more side projects I am not worried. If I have to work 4 jobs - I will. As long as we are living in our dream city we will be absolutely be happy. I mean worst-case scenario, being a beach bum doesn't sound bad after all. Lol just kidding. In reality, I have been networking like crazy with some directors or anyone in the design industry over there. I am learning major differences from Minneapolis design world to San Diego. It has been a crazy journey so far and can't wait to finally be out there and start meeting everyone I have connected with. Also, Blake and I plan to eat peanut butter and jelly for awhile =)…but its on the beach…soooo...yeah

Q: How has your parents been taking it?
A: Of course they are sad! I can't stress enough how worried they are with me driving the u-haul or not having help down there when needed. But that's exactly what I need. I need to be independent…and continue to learn what this world can offer. Yes, it's nice when my car breaks down and my dad can come to the rescue…or its definitely nice when my mom has cooked meals when I would visit but I am turning 25 soon I need to learn. I need to become a real adult who has plenty of responsibilities. I can do it. Right?

Q: How are you getting there?
A: Well, like I mentioned before I am driving the U-Haul! Blake and I are driving down there. He will be driving his car and I will be driving the U-Haul with my car attached. Yes, it's going to suck being separated but this was the best choice. I'm driving the U-Haul because Blake isn't the best driver and I don't trust him with my car. LOL We are leaving early Friday and we will head south to Kansas to say our farewells to Blake's family. We plan to start driving west early Saturday. We need to arrive to San Diego on Monday morning. It's going to be a stressful day but also exciting! I am most excited about the weather. It's going to be paradise. I was born and raised in Minnesota and I am not very fond of winters. I have a feeling I won't be complaining much about this upcoming journey to a place with 75 degree weather.

Well, there's that. Overall, we are excited to start this new journey and we will miss everyone!

* All pictures were from previous trips to San Diego.

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